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Structure of Planet Hemp 🌍

Planet Hemp is a global collaboration that aims to promote the sustainable and responsible use of hemp for a variety of purposes. The cooperation is organized into a number of different working groups, each of which focuses on a specific area of hemp development and application.

The overall structure of Planet Hemp is as follows:

  1. Global Steering Committee: This committee is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy of Planet Hemp. It is composed of representatives from member organizations and other key stakeholders.
  2. Thematic Working Groups: These groups focus on specific areas of hemp development and application, such as sustainable building, circular economies, biodegradable products, and innovative applications.
  3. Regional Working Groups: These groups focus on promoting hemp development and adoption in specific regions of the world.
  4. Technical Advisory Groups: These groups provide expert advice on specific technical issues related to hemp production, processing, and utilization.
  5. Communication and Outreach Working Group: This group is responsible for communicating the work of Planet Hemp to the public and building relationships with key stakeholders.

In addition to its formal structure, Planet Hemp also has a number of partnerships with other organizations, businesses, and governments. These partnerships help to expand the reach and impact of the cooperation.

Planet Hemp’s governance structure is designed to be open, transparent, and inclusive. The cooperation is committed to working with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve its goals.

Here are some of the benefits of Planet Hemp’s structure:

  • It allows for a diversity of perspectives and expertise. The cooperation brings together people from around the world with different backgrounds and experiences, which helps to ensure that all aspects of hemp development are considered.
  • It promotes collaboration and innovation. The working groups and partnerships provide opportunities for people to work together to develop new and innovative applications for hemp.
  • It is scalable. The structure of Planet Hemp can be adapted to accommodate the growing number of organizations and individuals interested in the cooperation.

By fostering collaboration and innovation, Planet Hemp is helping to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.